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Adding resources, adding products!

Updates as of 4/8/24

Thanks to everyone for trying things out and sending feedback! I’ve been getting feedback from people, adding my own tweaks here and there, and making the site more responsive and usable.

First, and foremost, everything is actually at now. My initial plan was to have the site live at, and use as a redirect, but that ended up being more confusing for people, and caused some weird issues. Now everything lives at, and redirects to it!

I’ve added some links to the landing page, to better explain what the 3741 listing is for people newer to it: Ryan Mayfield’s article (for the people who wanna read stuff), and my own video (for those who wanna watch stuff).

New products and manufacturers:

  • Added Ironridge‘s Aire railing
    • Ironridge has gotten their Aire railing freshly certified with UL 3741, too! This brings yet another option for sloped roofing, though the listing is still limited to Tesla products.
  • Added Chiko USA and their CK-AR railing system for sloped roofs.
    • I’m still fairly light on details in terms of documentation for this — Chiko still doesn’t have anything about this on their website, but I’ve received enough info from them directly that I’m comfortable adding them to the list. Definitely make sure you get documentation from them before designing your system (which is the disclaimer for everything on this site, but, you know)
    • I haven’t seen anything about ALPEs rated for use with this system, so as far as I know, you still need to mount any listed inverters on the roof next to your array. Still useful for things like agricultural, or other large sloped commercial roofs.
  • Added Opsun‘s Sunrail railing
  • Added Solis 1PxxK-4G-US inverters. These are 6-10kW inverters.
  • Added GoodWe MS-US30 inverters. These are 5-11.4kW inverters.

Finally, other tweaks and fixes, here and there.

  • I fixed an issue where the lists on some inverter and racking pages were limited to 10 products
  • Cleaned up the sidebar a bit
  • Added a Contact page, for suggestions and subscribing to updates.
  • Oh yeah, by the way, I added a newsletter! I plan to send out updates at max 1 per week, so visit that contact page if you’d like to get those updates to your inbox.
  • If you don’t want to go the newsletter route but don’t want to rely on algorithms for updates, you can always just subscribe to the RSS feed.

If you find this helpful and want to support this project, please donate! All of the hosting, coding, etc is done by me and me alone in my spare time, so any support is greatly appreciated. 💜

Let’s stabilize solar together!

derek the solarboi

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