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Our options get bigger!

Been a chaotic week, full of breaking news! But today is not about breaking news, today is about settling business and getting things actually updated and giving you an idea of where we’re going from here.


What’s important?

Unirac added the largest specific roster of inverter models to its two flush mount rackings at a whopping 21 inverter models, by my count. NXT Umount and SolarMount have broken ground at not only listing residential applications, but being the first to list a wide range of commercial inverters.

This means that those of you who have been waiting for UL 3741 on a standing seam roof, or other commercial applications where ballasted mounts aren’t appropriate, suddenly have all the options you need. This includes S-5! attachments, which I know I’ve gotten questions about. For these applications, you still need to mount the inverters next to the array for array-level shutdown, so make sure your chosen inverter is able to do that.

Pegasus, of course, did the thing where they did not include any specific inverters with their listing, therefore saying that any inverter listed under UL 1741 is valid and able to be used. I’ve waxed eloquent on that already, and honestly don’t have much more to add. It’s neat, it’s new, I have no idea how long this idea will stand or if it will get adopted by other brands. I just love the idea of giving designers as many options as possible, especially since I don’t really know what could possibly be special about one inverter or another when it comes to shutting down production when the AC turns off. 🤷🏻‍♂️

What’s next?

I know of two other brands that have 3741 listings with CSA and ETL, EcoFasten and Terragen. Terragen announced their listing a few months ago, EcoFasten has not. I haven’t found documentation for either, so if you have it or know where I can get it, please hit me up and let me know!

That’s all for now! As always, if I’ve helped you on your journey toward 3741 compliance and you’d like to support my work on the website, you can do so here.

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Stay shiny,
derek the solarboi

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